The holiday resort is part of Jødne (means iron) farm, and here people have lived for ages. That’s for instance shown by installations for purifying iron and possible grave mounds. We have also found different tools from the viking era when we’re ploughing the soil. Today, however, this is a diary farm and it’s also a home for two cats, two dogs and a family of five. The holidayresort is shaded by a big elmtree at the terrace (25m2) and on the opposite side of the house, you’ll find fruit trees. From the terrace you may view fjord, mountains and a glacier, but also a garden with different flowers and trees. Additionally we have a vegetable garden, berry garden and a little greenhouse.

Elin Feste and Håvar Vik
95 13 13 49 og 90 70 46 70
GPS COORDINATES: Latitude: 60.3888409, Longitude: 6.1470200999