First of all we want to welcome you to Sjotunet and ensure that you get the stay that you dream of.
You will find us and Sjøtunet 5 km from Øystese in a bay called Rykkje. Sjøtunet includes “Pakkhuset”, “Sjøloftet” and “Naustet”, three fully equipped rental units. Idyllic surroundings on a fruit farm by the Hardangerfjord.  Torunn, (grandma) Gyda live on the farm with the dog Willma, the cats and the sheep. Simen our son and Mari our daughter are often too be seen on the farm. We will all welcome you to our little haven.
In Øystese and Norheimsund you will find shops, hotels and some restaurants. The distance to Bergen is about 1,5 hours by bus or car.
All our cabins have a fjord view, their own private screened patio, and the opportunity to rent boat and fishing gear.
Contact Hosts:Torunn Litlebø
Fyksesundvegen 267, N-5610 Øystese, Norway
Telephone: Torunn +47 90704190
Latitude: 60.380656599
Longitude: 6.2664468000